Who are we?

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Who are we?
Our organization is especially founded to organize the people with interests in robotics, embedded systems and mechatronics. We also participate with several robotics contests.

It's very difficult for private end-users to get the newest available components. Therefore we made several agreements with the distributors to get the components for a reasonable price.
Members of our organisation can order their components via our foundation.

What do we offer?
We organize six times per year a special meeting for our members. You can meet other members in person there. Each member gets a free membership of our special mailinglist to exchange your experience with others too. For the actual data of our meetings look at this. Members get also the posibillity to get a forwarding e-mailaccount. Your address becomes something like yourname@emse.nl. If you're a member of our foundation, you get a special card with witch you get some discount at some computer and electronics shops.

What does a membership costs?
The minimal fee is €17,- per year and if you're paying before february the first you get €1,- discount. (You pay then €16,- instead of €17,-)

Are you getting interested?
Feel free to contact our secretary:

Paul van Niekerk
Holtmeulen 10
5655 AB Eindhoven
Tel. 06-30395712


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